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A dress cannot be "the right one", if it does not fit in the right way, so you need to choose the correct size from the size chart that you find inside each product sheet.


The purchased dress will need some tailoring adjustments, to the bodice and hem of the skirt but it is right to start from the correct initial size to make the difference.

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The sizes are in EUROPEAN and / or SPANISH nomenclature with the relevant main measures highlighted such as BREAST circumference, WAIST, HIPS.

All measurements are in centimeters.


Take a tape measure (the soft one) and pass it behind the back, under the arms and across the fullest part of the breast. Your arms must fall at your sides, so get someone to help you. Take the fullest measurement by wearing a bra similar to the one you will wear under the dress if you intend to wear it.



Pass the tape measure at the narrowest point of the bust.  To find the spot correctly, lean to the side; where your hip tucks is your waist. It is usually located a couple of centimeters above the navel. Do not tighten too much and take into account the movements of the breathing. Keep this measurement as a useful reference for other measurements to be taken later.



This measurement is typically found 15-20 centimeters below the navel.

Spread the tape measure across the fullest part of your pelvis. Do not squeeze too much and assume a standing position.



You are now ready to define your size. Compare the measurements taken with the size chart and take as a reference the closest measurement for waist, bust, hips, considering the largest size.


Example with the Pronovias size chart

If your measurements are:  Bust = 90cm, Waist = 77cm, Hips = 100cm, it means:

Bust = 90cm =  TG 38

Life  = 77cm =  TG 44

Hips = 100cm =  TG 40

At this point choose the widest size among those outputs  -> Choose size 44

Better a slightly wider size that will then be adapted by your trusted seamstress, compared to a slimmer size that may be narrow.


NB: if for example your breast size is 91cm, even if it is only one centimeter more than size 38, it is better to take the larger size.

Inside the seams of the dress there is excess fabric, called "recovery", which can be useful for slightly widening the dress,  but these considerations must be made by an experienced seamstress.

You  we invite you to consider the possible change in weight or size with a view to slimming.


Please consider that this SIZE GUIDE is indicative and subject to tolerances. The individual fit can vary from person to person depending on the build and cut of the individual clothes.

We recommend that you have the measurements taken by an expert in tailoring, who will also assist you in making the purchased dress to size.


NB: Each brand has its own wearability, which differs from product to product.

Each article refers to its own size table. For the definition of the right size, refer to the size chart for the product you wish to purchase.

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