And...  an infinite passion



I love beauty in all its shades.

Ever since I was a child, I have always felt my heart leap at the sight of something pleasant. The roses from my mother's garden, the sky that turns colored at nightfall, the perfection of a cat's profile, the photograph of a stolen moment, the painting of a distant face in time, the smile of a young woman in love.



I have always sought beauty, understood as emotion .

Happiness is that feeling that, when we experience it, makes us understand that life is worth living.

The Bride represents, for me, one of the greatest expressions of joy.

Each girl is unique and helping her find the perfect dress to live her fairy tale is an exciting and ever-new mission, it's a magic that is renewed every time. For this reason, for more than fifteen years, I have dedicated myself heart and soul to bridal fashion and to everything that revolves around a successful marriage.


I love to choose for my clients the creations that I think are the most beautiful and that best represent the style of our boutique.

When I select a dress I imagine it on the girl who will fall in love with it and, I confess, I am already excited. 

Being able to create a team of strong, passionate and capable women who share an ambitious project with me: to give the best possible service and give brides an unforgettable experience.

What am I most proud of?



Cinzia Leone


Brides consultant

Brides are my great passion. I started wearing makeup and now I dedicate myself to dressing them. My mantra, which I always repeat to brides, is: "There is always a reason to smile". Marriage is a big party.

Elena Nocent


Seamstress Premiere

Tailoring is my passion, I always look for perfection because the wedding dress is too important to not be more than perfect . My motto is: "Don't leave to tomorrow what you can do today".

Elisa Gallo


Seamstress and consultant

My dear grandmother passed on to me the passion for sewing, together we created clothes for my dolls. Today with the same magic I dedicate myself to brides, to turn them into princesses.