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The magic of QDB does not stop at the shop, but continues in the tailoring department. Our team of seamstresses modify hundreds of wedding dresses every year. You will be impressed to discover their talent and their professionalism!

The appointments include at least 3 tests with our tailoring staff who also takes 30 hours of work to perfect every single dress. Upon arrival of your dress in the Atelier, you will be contacted to book your first test, at the end of which, we will schedule the next one. Remember, your wedding dress has been ordered by the largest measurement (between bust, waist and hips), so it's normal that it won't fit perfectly, so tailoring changes are required.



What to expect during the fitting

If you are not prepared, the tailoring tests could be stressful. Unforeseen events are possible during the various steps, but our staff, thanks to the great experience, will try to make all the phases as easy and comfortable as possible. We want you to be comfortable, so here's a quick guide on what to expect.



1st TRIAL - about 90 days from the wedding

For the first dress fitting you will be contacted by QualcosadiBlu to schedule the appointment about 3 months after the wedding. The tailoring test is a very delicate phase that requires maximum peace of mind so that our staff can offer you an impeccable service. The days dedicated to tailors are from Tuesday to Friday. We recommend the utmost punctuality also in respect of other brides.


During the fitting, you will wear your dress and, together with the seamstress, we will evaluate the necessary changes to customize your dress. You will be able to refine all the details and choose additional accessories to complete your look.


Shoes are indispensable for this test for the right hem size. If you haven't found them yet, you can show up early to choose them in our footwear department. The lack of shoes prevents them from completing the process on schedule.


The standard tailoring cost refers to: tailoring the bodice and adjusting the bottom of the skirt; other interventions and / or modifications will be evaluated together and counted separately.


This appointment will last about 30 minutes, a maximum of two companions are allowed. Tailoring appointments are not suitable for children who may get bored and require too much attention.


At the end of the test we will fix the next appointment and the second deposit will be paid .



2nd TEST - about 50 days from the wedding

You will return to QualcosadiBlu for your second tailoring test. This is the intermediate test, you will find your suit basted with all the required changes. We will check that everything is in line with your expectations and, if necessary, we will make further adjustments.


This appointment will last around 30 minutes and you will begin to understand how your wedding dress will fit you. It will have taken shape from the previous test and will adapt better to your body. At the end of the test we will fix the last appointment.



3rd TRIAL - about 20 days from the wedding

You will wear the dress for the final test. This is the stage where all the changes will be finished and you will see yourself in your finished suit.

We will check that everything is perfect and make sure you are completely satisfied. However, there will still be time if further minor adjustments are needed before retirement.



DRESS COLLECTION - the wedding week

During your wedding week, you will try on and pick up your dress. The dress will be ironed and delivered inside the garment bag, you can fold it and put it in the car and, once home, we recommend that you take it out and hang it.

Dress and accessories will be welded. In case of payments by bank transfer, the credit must be received before collection.

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