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  SUMMER 2021  


18 and 19 June 2021


Our famous sale of sample dresses is back at never so low prices.

Before you run (don't walk you might miss the chance) to one of our sale dresses, we have some secrets you need to know:


The dresses have sample sizes (40/44 Italian), but there are also some models for softer sizes.  Since the prices are very competitive you could easily buy with a heavily discounted dress, so it is worth considering changing the tailored size.


The prices of the dresses have discounts of up to -50% with some models that even reach -70%. The difference in discounts may vary depending on the brand, model and style. Get ready to find great deals on beautiful and current models. If you are lucky you could go out in a brand new dress. The dresses are new from the current or previous collection. The range price before the discount from 2000 to 5000Euro.


This promotional sale is not suitable for all brides. There may be some frenzy and excitement so if you are indecisive in nature and need time to make a decision this sale may not be for you. There will be other brides who try on at the same time and may be interested in the same dress. If you believe in destiny, you might be disappointed.  


The booking of the appointment has a cost of € 20. The cost is used to avoid "no-shows" and reserve the time chosen for the test. the amount will be paid at the time of booking and will be reversed in case of purchase.


In case you decide to buy your splendid dress at a special price, remember that the total purchase, accessories and any tailoring changes (if you decide to make them with us), a deposit of 50% will be paid.


> Select some models from the collection and save them in your favorites or on your device.

> Book your appointment, you can call or do it online. Attention places are limited.

> Pay the € 20 to reserve your reservation. Failure to pay entails immediate cancellation .

> Show up on time for your appointment and experience the match against the dress of your dreams at a fantastic price.

> Upon arrival at the Atelier you will be greeted by the consultant who will help you try on the selected clothes.

> The appointment lasts about an hour and a half and it is possible to bring a maximum of two companions.

> During the trial it will be possible to try on only the clothes belonging to the promotion. If you want to try on Main's dresses  Collection not on sale, please present it to the consultant upon your arrival.