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You have the ring, you have the fiance and the wedding date - AWESOME - now all you need is the wedding dress!


Buying from QUALCOSAdiBLU is a rite of passage for hundreds of brides every year; but in order to FIND your dress you need to know how the appointment will take place. On your first date, efficiency is the key word.

QdB consultants know every single wedding dress in the Atelier and, once they understand your tastes, preferences and, most importantly, what your favorite style is, they will narrow down the choice to the dresses to wear in the dressing room.


Below you will find out what happens during your appointment at QualcosadiBlu, but remember: it will be up to your trusted consultant to find the perfect dress for you!


YOUR CONSULTANT - Arrived in our Atelier, you will be welcomed by one of our highly competent consultants and together with your team you will start your day at QualcosadiBlu.


YOUR WEDDING - Knowing you better serves to serve you better. You will share the details of your wedding with your consultant (think about the place, date and style you have in mind for your wedding), but above all you will talk about the type of clothes you love and communicate your budget.

You can tell us about your preferences and show us your DreamBox saved from our website.


SEE THE CLOTHES ON DISPLAY - Together with your consultant, you will take a first tour of the hangers to discover styles and models from the wide range of QdB.


TRIAL ROOMS - You will be taken to one of our large and reserved Trial Rooms to try on the clothes and to live with your team the best possible shopping experience for choosing your wedding dress.


TRY ON THE DRESSES - Your consultant will bring you about 3/6 dresses to try on based on the information you have provided and, depending on the opinions raised, you will try other styles until you find the dress of your dreams.


A tip: do not be preclusive on certain styles and let yourself be advised, the perfect dress can only be recognized once worn! It happens more often than you think that what you have in mind is not what sets the spark once you try it and vice versa.


COMPLETE YOUR LOOK - Once you have chosen the dress, your consultant will propose accessories to complete your bridal look such as veils, jewels, belts or shoes. You will discover the importance of the accessory as a wedding must have.


"Say Yes from QdB" - You are excited: you have found your dream dress! FANTASTIC. We are happy for you!

It is not unusual to find your dress at the very first try, indeed, it happens very often.   READ THE OPINIONS OF THE BRIDES





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