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Access to the rehearsal areas is allowed to a maximum of 3 companions per bride.

(1 person during the covid-19 restriction period.)

If you've made your appointment from  SOMETHINGBLUE  the next step is  choose yours  Winning Team  that will help you  "say Yes!"  to your wedding dress.

It may be a difficult decision but remember that bringing too many people won't be  the best choice.

Family  -  Whether it's your parents, mom and dad,  siblings, grandparents or extended family, it is essential to involve only the closest family members for this important and exciting moment of choice.  


Friends and relatives  -  Pay attention to who wants to be there, the choice is up to you!
Choose the people who know you best and who  they will support your choice  without imposing  your own.  We have seen too many brides go into crisis when friends  or family  they forget who should like the dress.

Less is more  -  We know the dynamics of the bride's entourage well, so we recommend limiting the guest list  to  no more than two / three people  that they can appreciate your choices e  your taste.

Too many opinions  different will only create confusion and stress for you e  the goal is to shed tears of joy, not tears of stress!   
Undecided?  -  Self  you don't know who to invite, bring with you the person whose taste is most similar to yours and who always makes you feel beautiful.  Choose only the people who will be able to help you and bring them to make it more enjoyable  choice of dress.
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