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Defining the "realistic" spending limit is one of the most important aspects of finding the wedding dress!

It is important to define the spending ceiling because in the Atelier you will find a very wide selection of wedding dresses for all price ranges. We therefore advise you to establish yours before coming to the appointment, this will allow you to live your experience at QUALCOSAdiBLU in the best possible way!


NB: It is not only the cost of the dress that you will need to consider, but also the costs for accessories and tailoring changes. Here you will find the list of costs to keep in mind.


We want you to have the best shopping experience possible and it will really help to have an ideal spending budget.

DRESS. € _ _ _ _ _


At QUALCOSAdiBLU the cost of the new collections starts from 1,500 up to over 5,000 Euros.

You will find an assortment of over 500 dresses to meet any budget, so it is important to enter the Atelier with a defined spending idea. It will help us a lot to know the maximum amount you will want to spend and remember that, for the purchase, it is necessary to pay a deposit of 50%.

ACCESSORIES. € _ _ _ _ _


Shopping for accessories includes veil, petticoat, jewelry, headpiece, shoes, belts ... You won't regret completing your bridal look with accessories, but it is important to consider costs when defining your budget.

TAILORING. € _ _ _ _ _


For each dress purchased, whether it is a sample dress or a re-order in size, the tailoring changes will be required. If you choose to do the tailoring at QUALCOSAdiBLUyou will have to consider the cost for the modifications.

The changes include at least 3 rehearsals with our tailoring staff that takes up to 30 hours of work to perfect every single dress!



Any dress can be customized so that it becomes uniquely yours! If you're planning on adding a personal touch, be aware that this can come with an additional cost to budget.

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