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Wedding date: 09/08/2018 
Sibenik, CRO 

Professionalism combined with kindness and attention are the perfect mix with which you are welcomed in this atelier. Thank you for accompanying me on my great journey and for helping me find the dress of my dreams.



Wedding date: 06/08/2018 
Gorizia, GO 

QdB was the very first atelier I visited and the professionalism as well as kindness and helpfulness of Cinzia and Francesca immediately struck me. Their invaluable help and their advice made the choice of my dress a moment of serenity, without fear of making a mistake or falling into a choice that was not the right one for me; they made me feel accompanied in this very important decision and I can not help but say that I would choose them again and again and to any future bride I could not help but advise them and their atelier, without any doubt! Thanks again for everything!


Will be

Wedding date: 09/08/2018 
Portogruaro, VE 

Dream dresses Francesca and her staff pamper brides and those who accompany them, they help you choose the dress that will make you feel like a "real bride" whatever your style. The seamstress, a sewing magician, helpful and kind. And then, they have a choice of dresses for the "women of the bride", mom, mother-in-law, witnesses etc. Truly a fantastic experience.



Wedding date: 30/06/2018 
Trieste, TS

I bought my dress during the sales period : I saved 25% and still had a good choice. Friendly and punctual service, true professionals who listened to my requests!



Wedding date: 16/06/2018 
Tarvisio, UD 

The wedding day was magical, unique, unforgettable, fun, in short, the best day of our life. The dress left everyone speechless, it seemed created for me. You have been fantastic in every test, you have always pampered me and made me feel at ease. A special thanks to the seamstress who was of a unique sweetness. A hug. Silvia



Wedding date: 23/06/2018 
Trieste, TS 

Entering the splendid QualcosadiBlu atelier seems to be in a fairy tale. Francesca and Cinzia immediately welcomed me with sympathy and professionalism and immediately understood what the dress of my dreams was. The showroom is beautiful, modern, the rehearsal lounges make you feel truly special and the wonderful clothes on display make your eyes shine . Francesca and Cinzia accompanied me from the first fitting to the delivery of the dress with great professionalism, seriousness and love for their work. I would have liked to try on all the clothes in the atelier because they are really beautiful, special and modern and when worn they are truly incredible. I sincerely thank you because I loved my wedding dress from the first moment and the journey we made together will remain in my heart as a beautiful memory.



Wedding date: 16/06/2018 
Ronchi dei Legionari, GO 

First of all, I make a premise ... I started with an idea of my dress ... I wanted it powder pink it slipped not pompous or worked ... simple! The first shop I went to showed me horrible clothes and not as I had imagined ... rather disappointed and in a hurry to find the right dress ... I went to Something Blue! First of course I made an appointment and when I finally went there I immediately tried on two dresses that were just what I wanted ... powder pink and slipped! And I must say not even at an exaggerated cost ... at the first try I chose one of the two and since the size was not there, Francesca placed the order that urgently would have arrived at the end of May just in time to make any changes! And so it was😀 plus I got shoes made too! Which I can reuse 😃  Adjective for Francesca and the wonderful seamstress, professionalism and extreme kindness! A heartfelt thanks from Martina and Andrea



Wedding date: 02/06/2018 
Nimis, UD

My wedding was more than a year away, but I had the pleasure of meeting Qualcosa di Blu at the wedding fair in Udine. I fell in love with a dress that turned out to be "the right one", among others that I tried, conquering my parents and my best man. A very important aspect is the possibility of knowing the cost of the clothes (published on the site), thus being able to direct one's choice, as well as according to one's personal taste, also the basis of the budget, directly. I was followed by Francesca and Ana, the seamstress. Always punctual and flawless, my wedding day was perfect also thanks to Qualcosa di Blu!



Wedding date: 18/05/2018 
Trieste, TS 

Great professional.

Very courteous and professional staff, as soon as you arrive to choose the dress for the first time, they immediately put you at ease and immediately start offering you the lines of clothes according to your wishes.  I already started with an idea of the dress I wanted, as soon as I told them they immediately understood the type and immediately found my dream dress.  They follow you and assist you in every test, from the first to the retreat. 



Wedding date: 08/04/2018 
Trieste, TS 

I had a great time, treated like a princess and spoiled with everything I've always wanted. I recommend it to all future brides as you can really find everything you need. Francesca and Cinzia are extremely helpful people, not to mention the seamstress who followed me. Thank you thank you thank you ☺☺☺ congratulations to all of you.



Wedding date: 09/16/2017 
Trieste, TS

It was the first atelier I entered and it is the only one left . I came in with very clear ideas and found just what I was looking for. Thanks to their sensitivity and professionalism, I found and adapted what I wanted to my needs. I recommend this atelier to anyone who asks me.



Wedding date: 07/09/2017 
Medea, GO

On the first date with Cinzia I found the dress I wanted. After 6 months I returned for the first test and I was pregnant. With the help of the beautiful seamstresses a real miracle was done! All the staff is  been attentive and thoughtful !! I couldn't ask for anything better for my special day.



Wedding date: 08/26/2017 
Trieste, TS

Francesca and Cinzia have been very kind since our first meeting in the atelier. They listen carefully to all the customer's needs, trying to find the best solution for each one and taking the story of each bride to heart. Professional and very patient, you immediately notice the love they have for their work. No detail is left out and everything is carried out with great care and precision.  The shop is beautiful and there is a suit for every taste and character. Trying on the clothes in the beautiful fitting rooms makes you feel like a real princess!  The seamstress who collaborates with the atelier is really very good, as well as being kind and available to meet every request.  The experience at Qualcosa di Blu was truly fabulous !!!



Wedding date: 12/08/2017 
Trieste, TS

Here I found the dress and shoes of my dreams! 
Among an infinite choice of clothes and shoes for all budgets!
The staff were friendly and personable with impeccable professionalism from the girls to the seamstress!
They knew immediately, according to my tastes, to direct me and show me the garments that came closest to my expectations!
What to say. I recommend it to all brides!



Wedding date: 05/08/2017 
Pordenone, PN

Choosing my wedding dress in this atelier was a wonderful experience. Cinzia, Francesca and the seamstress Ana guide you towards the right choice with kindness, grace and elegance as well as with professionalism, always taking into account the customer's wishes. Trying on beautiful dresses in this refined yet welcoming atelier was the beginning of a lifelong dream. I also found an excellent quality / price ratio for both clothes and accessories.

I highly recommend it to all future brides



Wedding date: 06/08/2018 
Monfalcone, GO 

I said yes to the perfect dress!

The shop is magical and the girls are great! They go beyond professionalism because they are able to understand in a few minutes the dress that will best enhance you! They followed me even after the tailoring tests, helping me on every little detail. The thing that struck every single guest



Wedding date: 09/08/2018 
Portogruaro, VE 

An absolutely positive experience! The choice of the dress, the rehearsals, all always accompanied by two great professionals . I felt at ease and "at home" with them, always kind and helpful with me. A really big thank you to everyone. I also hold you in my heart because you were part of this great adventure!  Beatrice



Wedding date: 07/07/2018 
Udine, UD 

A truly unforgettable experience!
The professionalism and competence of the team are truly noteworthy.  I was able to choose the dress from a wide range of models without any kind of conditioning, but guided by the precious advice of the staff also for the combination of accessories and shoes.  Recommended for those who want to feel at home and find the dress of their dreams.  The dress I chose is just how I wanted it since I was a child and still today I receive compliments from everyone.  Heartfelt thanks to all the nice team of Qualcosa di Blu :)



Wedding date: 16/06/2018 
Trieste, TS 

It was the only atelier I entered, with the fear of not finding anything because of my body! Francesca immediately welcomed me reassuring me and saying that mine is a very normal size! I chose the first clothes, disaster! But then she came with the dress in her hand, a dress that I might never have even looked at. Yet it was love at first sight and I was enchanted (by everyone). A few changes made by Ana, a very good seamstress, and hop! The dress was perfect! All three, including Cinzia, have always been super nice and helpful! Thanks again. Silvia



Wedding date: 30/06/2018 
Trieste, TS 

I found myself very well,  Francesca is very professional and helpful! The dress was a big hit, and the groom was amazed. I recommend to go to this shop, because it really deserves a lot and even if not too big  the models present are various and all beautiful. Thanks again for everything.



Wedding date: 23/06/2018 
Trieste, TS 

Beautiful atelier, wonderful dress that day I felt like a real princess . Staff Cinzia and Francesca super kind, helpful and professional. The very talented seamstresses and very prepared in their trade, the dress was many sizes larger and they modified it to perfection.  Adjective for Francesca and the wonderful seamstress, professionalism and extreme kindness!



Wedding date: 16/06/2018 
Trieste, TS

I am very satisfied with Qualcosa di Blu, Francesca and Cinzia are very attentive to the customer's needs and you can easily find the dress of your dreams. The seamstresses who collaborate with them are fantastic, attentive and as long as the dress does not fit perfectly they will not let you go.



Wedding date: 26/05/2018 
Trieste, TS


As soon as you enter this beautiful atelier you enter a dream, a beautiful environment with beautiful and very nice shop assistants. Beautiful dresses for all types of brides. But not only that, also beautiful ceremonial dresses.



Wedding date: 28/04/2018 
Muggia, TS 

Love at the first try

Francesca's atelier was the first where I went to try on my wedding dress; they immediately understood what I wanted and .... it was love at the first try! Before purchasing, I also visited other ateliers in the Region to understand what the market was offering but in no other did I experience the sensations I felt with my dress .... From "Qualcosa di Blu" I found professionalism, choice and above all excellent price / quality ratio. I recommend it with my heart to all future brides. Thanks to Francesca and Cinzia for helping to make "our" day wonderful.



Wedding date: 07/10/2017 
Monfalcone, GO / ROME 

Here I found the dress of my dreams ... One month after my wedding, everyone still compliments me on the wonderful dress and how it fits me perfectly. Kind orders, very good seamstresses, punctual service and a lot of availability.

The best in Trieste!



Wedding date: 09/09/2017 
Gorizia, GO

The sweetness and patience of Francesca and Cinzia will win you over, together with the choice of beautiful dresses and the elegance of the atelier that will make you feel in the right place and pampered. A pity not to go back as a future bride, dream dresses and availability and kindness that will then leave you a hint of melancholy!



Wedding date: 02/09/2017 
Trieste, TS

I went to Something Blue hoping to find my dress there and my expectation was met. The atelier has wonderful dresses, lots of choices for all budgets, but most importantly: Francesca and Cinzia are extraordinary. I didn't have very clear ideas about what I wanted, just a few general indications, but they were able to advise me for the best and after listening to me and it happens in very few clothes changes they managed to identify what MY dress would have been. I sincerely thank them and I will always remember them because they too contributed to making that day a perfect day.


Maria Chiara