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Wedding date: 10/09/2016 
Camino al Tagliamento UD

Excellent staff, wonderful clothes and impeccable attention to detail!  I can only give positive comments to  Something blue. The girls are very kind and helpful, the seamstresses prepared, the choice of clothes and the excellent value for money, even for "small" budgets.  Highly recommended!



Wedding date: 04/09/2016 
Trieste, TS

Francesca and Cinzia were really nice and helpful in this important moment. I can only recommend  Something Blue  to find a dress that respects your wishes at a fair price and with professional service.



Wedding date: 07/08/2016 
PortoMantovano, MN

The girls in the shop are delightful, always kind and helpful. I immediately found the right dress for me. Some small misunderstandings with the external tailoring service, but managed promptly and with maximum availability by the store staff.



Wedding date: 07/23/2016 
Trieste, TS

The girl who followed me on the first date immediately understood the type of dress I was looking for and in fact I found it immediately. It was a great experience and I recommend it to all future brides.



Wedding date: 07/23/2016 
Trieste, TS

I bought a beautiful Pronovias dress here, a sample of two sizes larger that was flawlessly tailored for me. Great professionalism and kindness on the part of the assistants and also of the seamstress who followed all the tailoring work.



Wedding date: 09/07/2016 
Trieste, TS

It is the only experience I had because I bought the first dress I tried on (in all I tried 7). I immediately felt at home and it happens in the search for my tastes (I repeat the first dress I tried was the one purchased)



Wedding date: 18/06/2016 
Trieste, TS

Beautiful dresses, impeccable service, lots of choices, the shop is very nice and elegant,  in short, a dream experience!

I bought a Preston model Pronovias dress, a fairy tale.  Obviously highly recommended.



Wedding date: 09/06/2016 
Monfalcone, GO

"Something Blue"  is the perfect salon for the bride. Wonderful dresses, lace and tulle that awaken the little girl in each of us. I found my dress after an hour of rehearsal and immediately fell in love with it. Thanks to the professionalism, availability and kindness of Cinzia, Francesca and Ana, the path from the choice to the delivery of the dress was a succession of strong and intense emotions.  I highly recommend future brides to make an appointment.


Will be

Wedding date: 17/10/2015 
Trieste, TS

I write this review sooooo late, however I will never forget the experience from  Something about Blue  where I found the perfect dress after trying on 30 in various ateliers from Trieste to Udine. The kindness and professionalism that distinguish Francesca and Cinzia immediately struck me. In the end I found the perfect dress. Fantastic tailoring service with the sweet Ana! Now that the shop has grown, the choice is even wider.  Highly recommended !!!



Wedding date: 09/19/2015 
Trieste, TS

Buy my dress at  Something Blue  with Francesca's support it was an excellent choice. Thanks to her professionalism, I had the courage to choose the dress that excited me despite being at least one size larger than mine and my courage was rewarded because, thanks to Francesca's availability and Anna's sartorial expertise, on the wedding day my dress was just perfect. Based on my experience, I can only recommend you, the bride who is reading this, to visit this atelier!



wedding date: 29/08/2015 
Palmanova, UD

Mine was love at first sight. I turned to this company because it is close to my workplace. It was my first dress rehearsal ... Francesca welcomed me with kindness and grace, a nice and really nice person. I told her about my ideas, showed her some photos and together we started selecting some dresses. Francesca listened carefully to what I liked and what I didn't want.  In less than half an hour he understood my tastes and desires and offered me the dress of my dreams.  At the end of December I already had the dress for August 29th.

I recommend it for the welcome received, the manners, the good taste, the treatment, the advice, the competence, from  Something Blue  you will have a great time!

Thanks Francesca!



Wedding date: 01/08/2015 
Trieste, TS

I recommend everyone to go by  Something Blue , Francesca managed to understand exactly my tastes and desires and to find the dress of my dreams! She made me feel like a princess and was available to my every need and need! Thank you  Something Blue  for helping to make my fairytale come true!



Wedding date: 27/06/2015 
Trieste, TS

They perfectly understood what I was looking for and found it. Great advice on accessories and great empathy. Remarkable flexibility on dress rehearsals and great detail accuracy. In Trieste we are not used to such kindness.



Wedding date: 18/07/2015 
Trieste, TS

Delicious place, I had a great time, all very kind. Beautiful clothes and affordable for everyone. Thank you so much for helping to make our day unforgettable.  Make an appointment and come and take a look, you won't regret it!



Wedding date: 11/07/2015 
Trieste, TS

A truly magical place! Francesca is superb with her immense patience and with her enormous professionalism she knows how to advise you in the best possible way!  Finally, even in Trieste it is possible to find wonderful clothes for all price ranges! Highly recommended!



Wedding date: 09/09/2016 
Trieste, TS

Beautiful and very welcoming environment. But above all, magnificent staff. He knows how to advise well and with sincerity.

Wide choice of clothes and accessories. Impeccable service without a single negative note.  Highly recommended



Wedding date: 03/09/2016 
Trieste, TS

Professionalism, kindness, beautiful clothes and excellent value for money. A big thank you to Francesca, with her advice I found my dream dress on the first date. Thanks also to the fabulous Ana who did a fantastic job making my dress perfect for me.



Wedding date: 01/08/2016 

"I felt very comfortable in this atelier. The choice of dresses is very wide and all the items present are chosen with care and taste by the owner. They know how to put brides and their followers at ease, demonstrating kindness and professionalism. I recommend it. strongly.



Wedding date: 07/23/2016 
Trieste, TS

Great kindness and professionalism, Francesca and Cinzia are available for every request, they perfectly organize the test and delivery times and give excellent advice to future brides. In the atelier I also bought the shoes, with the possibility of ordering different colors and models. Definitely recommended  Something Blue.



Wedding date: 16/07/2016 
Trivento, CB

Future brides I advise you to go to the atelier  Something Blue, where you will find professionalism, friendliness and quality. Thanks Francesca, Cinzia and Ana for making my wedding day memorable.



Wedding date: 02/07/2016 
Milan, MI

Courtesy and professionalism are the characteristics that distinguish the shop. 
They were all very kind and gave me excellent advice; they have also always been extremely helpful. I only came with vague ideas about how I wanted the dress, but they knew how to listen to me and from the first date I found exactly what I was looking for, an elegant but simple and not too expensive dress. The seamstress they rely on has always been absolutely perfect, helpful and kind.


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Wedding date: 18/06/2016 
Trieste, TS

It was the second dress shop I saw: I immediately found what I was looking for, I immediately felt like a princess and I recommended the shop to other friends in  procinto  from  marriage.

Professionalism, kindness and prices for  all  the  pockets.

Highly recommended!



Wedding date: 09/01/2016 
Trieste, TS

I had a great time with Francesca, Cinzia and Ana: kind, professional, friendly and helpful. 
The dress was gorgeous, much more beautiful than seen in the photos on the site. Perfect shoes and wonderful makeup!
  The atelier is beautiful, truly elegant and welcoming.  You made that day even more special.

Thanks so much!



Wedding date: 03/10/2015 
Trieste, TS

The atelier is very nice, small but very intimate. The staff organizes appointments in order to be completely at your disposal.
The owner Francesca and Cinzia are very kind, helpful and patient. They also rely on Ana who is one of the best seamstresses in Italy. Together they create a perfect team. And if you don't know who to turn to for makeup, Cinzia is a spectacular Make Up artist. I highly recommend it, they will make your day even more special.



Wedding date: 09/19/2015 
Trieste, TS

I found my dress in the " Something Blue " shop; where I was followed by Francesca's assistant, the owner; both very helpful.  My dress was from the outlet section, wonderful and with a great price! The only flaw is that the clothes in the outlet section must be paid for in full at the time of selection and taken home the same day. The tailoring changes will be made by the seamstress affiliated with the shop (very professional seamstress).  For the rest there  they are dresses for any price range .



Wedding date: 08/08/2015 
Trieste, TS

Francesca is lucky enough to have one of the most beautiful jobs in the world. Take the women by the hand to reach a dream. Her atelier looks like a huge castle, where each one, according to her own style, can feel like a princess. I arrived there, a little insecure, a little fearful; Francesca has an innate quality. She makes you feel special, she is interested in you and your story, she listens to you silently, observes you and when you describe the dress of your dreams, she already knows what to offer. My dress wasn't the first one I tried on. He came after a couple of attempts always made in his atelier, but when he put it on me he knew even before I saw myself in the mirror that it was him, it was my dress that would make me a princess for a day. Queen for a lifetime.



Wedding date: 01/08/2015 
Trieste, TS

Fantastic, light, elegant clothes. And the owner knows how to put you at ease right away, helping you find the perfect dress for the big day! Careful and professional service, I recommend it to all future brides.



Wedding date: 07/26/2015 
Trieste, TS

The ideal atelier where to find your wedding dress.  Francesca was perfect in helping me find the dress of my dreams, kind, smiling, professional and delicate in her ways, not intrusive in her advice but very helpful. Now the Atelier has expanded compared to the one where I chose my dress, the new location is glamorous and welcoming. So future brides from Trieste and its surroundings I highly recommend you to make an appointment from  QdB.



Wedding date: 11/07/2015 
Trieste, TS

Thanks to Francesca's professionalism and sweetness, I found my dream dress in this magical atelier. The strong point is the magnificent dresses and the welcoming environment that a bride finds! I was told to choose 5 dresses to try on, but on the second try I found my dream dress! On the wedding day I felt like a princess in the dress I bought from  Something Blue
This atelier has a perfect staff! always ready to advise you, help you and be close to you before and after your purchase. 
I recommend to all brides to go and visit this atelier, but above all try their beautiful dresses .. you will fall in love with them!