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data nozze: 19/09/2020
Trieste, TS

Professionalism and competence

I bought the dress at the first dress fitting ever: it was him!

I found competent and kind staff, who made me try on all the clothes I wanted and complied with my every request. I really felt like a princess and it is only thanks to them, who have perfectly adapted it to my body following all my requests and customizations.


data nozze: 05/09/2020
Trieste, TS

Il posto giusto

La scelta dell'abito è sempre un momento difficile, ma da Qualcosa di Blu ti mettono a tuo agio fin dal primo momento.  Ho trovato professionalità e disponibilità, un'ampia offerta di vestiti e tanti consigli che mi hanno aiutato a trovare velocemente l'abito perfetto. Anche durante le prove sartoriali hanno dimostrato massima flessibilità e cortesia. Il giorno del matrimonio l'abito era perfetto!


data nozze: 05/09/2020
Udine, UD

Super recommended atelier.

For me, Qualcosa di Blu was the first and only atelier I went to. I immediately found the dress I wanted, it was just as I had imagined it. They have a large choice of clothes. The girls are kind, helpful, professional and follow you in every step. I am able to advise and pamper you. Thank you Something Blue for helping me wear the dress of my dreams on the most important day. Really shame to wear the dress only once.


data nozze: 22/08/2020
Trieste, TS


Attentive to my needs, professional and available. A really wide choice of dresses and models. Wonderful the result with the required changes.

Really excellent service!


data nozze: 29/08/2020
Trieste, TS

Lots of choice and very good seamstress  

Lots of dresses, for all tastes and budgets. The girls are all very kind and I immediately felt at ease, especially when choosing the dress. Due to the lockdown we had very tight deadlines and the dress was tight in different sizes, but the seamstress was very good, and she also added some changes at my request. Really great service, super recommended.

Vanessa Bertoldi

Data nozze: 24/08/2019 
Trieste, TS 

Beautiful atelier, with beautiful dresses. The staff accompanies you with great professionalism in choosing the suit that suits you best; the fantastic hands of the seamstresses, then, make it just as you wanted it!


Data nozze: 20/06/2020 
Romans d'Isonzo, GO

I made an appointment at SOMETHING BLUES very early in November 2018, and I will get married this year in June 2020 (an appointment that I felt rejected in other ateliers). Huge choice of dresses, one more beautiful than the other !! Friendly staff offering prepared and punctual service, but also very delicate and never harassing. I found my dream dress on my first visit !! ! I had the opportunity to return with a friend of mine who was absent at the time of the choice and the girls made themselves available to make me try the dress again to show it to her. I recommend it wholeheartedly from A to Z, beautiful dresses can be found in many shops, education and kindness in the sales phase is characteristic of few! Congratulations on a big kiss 😘


Data nozze: 14/12/2019 
Trieste, TS 

I state that not being a very young bride, I was oriented to a dress that was not the traditional white wedding dress. I turned to QDB's Collezioni Party shop, and as soon as I entered I was immediately at ease. The girls of the staff welcomed me with professionalism and courtesy, recommending the right dress for my tastes. With the addition of some very effective accessories, my wedding dress has become special and unique. After the wedding, on the advice of the QDB seamstresses, very professional and nice, some changes were made to the dress so I could wear it even on New Year's Eve. I highly recommend the Qualcosa di Blu shop to all future brides, for the professionalism, courtesy and friendliness of all the staff.


Data nozze: 29/08/2019 
S.Giusepppe Vesuviano, NA 

The best choice of my entire life

All the girls on the staff reserve a special place in my heart. They accompanied me in the most beautiful moment of my life with care and affection. From the very first moment. Thank you so much. I would choose you 100 times again!


Data nozze: 09/08/2019 
Trieste, TS 

Kind and helpful. Getting into the shop is already a dream! I found the dress simple, but at the same time particular, that I have always imagined for myself! All the staff, from the shop assistants to the seamstress, were wonderful! SUPER RECOMMENDED! Susanna


Data nozze: 08/06/2019 
Trieste, TS 

Princess for a day The experience at SOMETHINGBLU was fantastic, right from the start. The place is beautiful, there is a unique scent and it is full of dream dresses. The girls are very sweet and accompanied me with a lot of patience and professionalism from the first to the last test. Something di Blu was the first and last atelier I visited, since I found the dress right away, the first they let me try on. Thanks to the advice of Cinzia and Francesca and the fantastic seamstress Ana, on the wedding day I felt like a real princess. I thank you from my heart and I advise all brides to come here: if it is not the first it will surely be the last atelier you will visit!


Data nozze: 08/06/2019 
Trieste, TS 

Find your dream dress in less than two hours! You feel right in the hands of people who love their work, who listen to your needs and do their best to find the dress that suits you and it's really true, there is love at first sight, even for your own dress wedding! That's exactly what happened to me.


Data nozze: 25/05/2019 
Trieste, TS 

I start by saying that I was convinced that I did not want a wedding dress, but above all I did not want it white ... or so I thought. I made an appointment here, finding no formal dresses that convinced me and with a little confused ideas about what to do. The magic started right from the moment of booking, because a place was vacated soon (otherwise I would have had to wait 10 days, it was February and they were already super full of appointments). During the appointment I was followed by Cinzia ... I don't think I have ever found a person so good, honest and passionate about her work: she put us at ease (I was accompanied by my mother and a witness), she understood that I was a bit confused and therefore she was able to advise me on what was best for me, as a friend would do. When I arrived at the final choice I was really undecided, but even here, always with a smile, she was able to give me those 2/3 tips to choose and ... taaac. Crying and choice, textbook I was shocked, because I came in with an idea and I went out with an ivory dress, totally different, but with which I fell madly in love! I also thank Francesca very much, for her availability and professionalism, and Elena, who followed me during the tests! I warmly recommend to all of you to come here, you will find clothes for all budgets and competent, sincere and very good people in their work.

The photos I am attaching are by Massimo Battista (Photography) "Smiles and cakes - happy wedding photos" oh yes, we cut the pizza and not the cake! : P


Data nozze: 02/06/2018 
Trieste, TS

I really want to thank the QdB staff! They were able to advise me with professionalism in choosing the suit. And they accompanied me with kindness and sympathy during all the tests (in which the seamstress Ana was also very good at understanding and satisfying all my desires). I carry in my heart a beautiful memory of all the preparations for my wedding ... and I recommend to all future brides to rely on the QdB shop in Trieste for the quality and the great variety of clothes and accessories!


Data nozze: 06/10/2018 
Gorizia, GO 


I had never had the opportunity to know this atelier .. and so I followed my intuition. I knew I would find my wedding dress here. I enter a dream atelier ... Wow! The orders were very good at understanding my concerns and convincing me of my choice. I would remarry one more time if only to try that beautiful experience again.


Data nozze: 15/09/2018 
Trieste, TS 

The dress of dreams

I had never imagined my wedding dress, yet Francesca and her team were extraordinary and very fast in helping me to identify the dress of my dreams: simple, very elegant and perfect for me, I really felt like a princess!


Data nozze: 01/09/2018 
Trieste, TS 

Giulia Wedding date: 01/09/2018 Trieste, TS Cinzia and Francesca were fantastic, from the first time I entered the shop I immediately felt at ease ... 😊 The clothes are wonderful and if I could go back I would do it a thousand times this experience😍 You made my wedding an unforgettable day !!! Thanks also goes to the seamstress Elena who arranged my dress perfectly in


Data nozze: 24/08/2018 
Trieste, TS 

The choice of the dress is the most difficult since you imagine yourself wearing white since you were little .. I had already identified a model thanks to the social networks following QdB and in the end it was the first I tried and the one I chose! Beautiful, perfect for me and represented me at best! Those who saw me that day told me it was just like they imagined me 👰🏽


Data nozze: 18/08/2018 
Trieste, TS 

More beautiful than that, it can't be!
As soon as you step inside this atelier you realize that it is the right place to find your dress, really! seeing is believing ; )
Thanks Francesca, thanks Cinzia and thanks to the dearest seamstress who made my dress perfect!


Data nozze: 08/09/2018 
Capriva del Friuli, GO 

Francesca and Cinzia were very professional and were able to interpret my idea of a dress at the first meeting. The tailoring service was also excellent . Wide choice in step with the latest trends. Extremely positive experience.


Data nozze: 06/09/2018 
Trieste, TS 

What to tell you girls? You were so cute and patient ... Be careful what I really wanted ... The dress fits perfectly! It just seemed sewn for me ... A special thanks to the super professional and precise seamstresses .. And then every experience an emotion and lots of laughs !! Thanks again for turning me into a princess for one day ... With affection and esteem Irene


data nozze: 09/09/2020
Trieste, TS

Professionalità e competenza

Ho comprato il vestito alla prima prova vestito in assoluto: era lui!

Ho trovato personale competente e gentile, che mi ha fatto provare tutti i vestiti che volessi e ha assecondato ogni mia richiesta. Mi sono sentita davvero una principessa ed è solo merito loro, che l'hanno adattato perfettamente al mio fisico seguendo tutte le mie richieste e personalizzazioni.


data nozze: 28/08/2020
Trieste, TS

Beautiful experience

I made an appointment right after the lock down to start looking for the perfect dress for my late August wedding. Definitely behind the times given the situation I was worried and anxious. I was very happy with the wide choice of styles and models. The girls of the atelier immediately showed a lot of sensitivity, taste and professionalism and made me try on different dresses. And I found it! I requested some changes to the width of the skirt and the tailor did an exceptional job in terms of delivery times as well. Thanks again!


data nozze: 13/09/2020
Trieste, TS

Professionalism, courtesy, experience and empathy with us brides are the right adjectives for Cinzia, Francesca and their staff. They accompanied me from the moment of choosing the dress to the day before the wedding. They advised me and pampered me in unforgettable moments. I chose a beautiful dress from the Valentini brides line.


data nozze: 22/08/2020
Trieste, TS

I was served by Cinzia who really guided me in choosing the right dress, she was so sweet and patient, not rushing but analyzing all the details to help you find the right dress that you value. The tailoring is crazy and the end result is amazing! The dress has been checked and cared for several times to make it perfect !! Super super recommended!


data nozze: 27/08/2020
Gorizia, Castellammare d.Golfo

Gorgeous dress

I got my dress a year before the wedding. Cinzia was attentive to everything and very good in offering me the clothes! The more I look at it the more I like it.


Data nozze: 30/08/2020 
Trieste, TS

Highly recommended The kindness of the girl who served me is unmatched. He helped me in my choice, he tried to satisfy my every request. The shop is well stocked and you can hardly find what you want! I found the right dress on the first date!


Data nozze: 28/09/2019 
Gorizia, GO

The girls are very kind and helpful and very well prepared !!!!

They made the moment of choice even more special !!

As for the clothes .... there is no comparison !!!!!!! Fabulous !!!!


Data nozze: 21/09/2019 
Trieste, TS


Thanks to Cinzia and all the staff who accompanied me during the choice of my dress. A dream come true! They immediately complied with my requests, making the search for an unforgettable dress. Available, professional and kind. The atelier is really well stocked, there are quality clothes for all tastes. I advise you to book an appointment and good research, let yourself be bewitched by the dress of your dreams.


Data nozze: 03/08/2019 
Trieste, TS


As soon as I entered Qualcosa di Blu I felt like I was in a dream world and, with the precious help of Francesca and Cinzia, I found the dress of my dreams. Thanks to you for making my beautiful day even more special.


Data nozze: 14/06/2019 
Muggia, TS 

Cinzia with her sweetness accompanied me in what is the dream of all future brides: find the dress of dreams! and so it was! The atelier is a dream, the seamstresses are very good and extremely available, Francesca is super professional. For the choice of the dress there is only one paradise that can be considered such and it is Something Blue. Thank you all for making me feel beautiful!


Data nozze: 25/05/2019 
Monfalcone, GO

... Something di Blu was also for me the first and only atelier and on the first visit I immediately found the perfect dress ... I already had quite clear ideas and I wanted to start there because from the website very well) I had spotted a dress that I absolutely wanted to try on. In reality my choice did not fall on that dress, but on the second one that made me feel immediately at ease despite being very bold and particular ... The final result was amazing: when I saw my heart again in the photo I was filled with joy ... with him on I felt great, but I never thought I liked him so much ... I was beyond what I imagined I could be that day!

The atelier experience was magical from start to finish, a fairy world you never want to leave and an impeccable service from the girls! Too bad to be able to experience all this and wear such a wonderful dress only once! THANKS Something Blue, you gave me wonderful emotions that I will keep forever in my heart!


Data Nozze: 25/05/2019 
Muggia, TS 


Something di Blu was the first and only atelier where I went to look for my dream dress and I actually found it! I came with some ideas in mind but having never tried a real wedding dress, I had no idea which model would be best for me. Cinzia made me try 4 different models until she pulled the fifth dress, the right one! Light, sensual but not too much, decorated but without excess. In short, it was him! As icing on the cake, she found a magnificent veil that recalled the embroidery of the dress! Really good! Then with the following tests, together with the seamstress (who did a really painstaking job) they managed to make everything even more perfect! What to say? Thank you very much!


Data nozze: 30/03/2019 
Trieste, TS 

Professional service, endless choice of the best dresses, an amazing shop and an amazing seamstress! Pampered from the first to the last date, highly recommended! Without doubt the best shop in Trieste. I found the dress on the first date and was able to take advantage of the 10% discount, a real opportunity!


Data nozze: 01/12/2018 
S.Giorgio di Nogaro, UD 

Elegance and sympathy

A friend recommended this atelier to me and it was a great luck! I found the dress of my dreams on a first date, there are dresses for all tastes and the girls help you understand what may be right for you. They are kind, super patient and very nice, it was an unforgettable experience! The seamstress then follows you with great professionalism. I recommend everyone to enter, you will see that then you will go out with a fairytale dress!


Data nozze: 22/09/2018 
Trieste, TS 


Cinzia and Francesca were truly exceptional, the moment was very special for me in my life and they helped me in every way to live that moment in a joyful and unforgettable way.


Data nozze: 16/09/2018 
Cormons, GO 

The most beautiful dresses and the friendliest team. I highly recommend this shop: it has the most beautiful dresses in the whole region and a great team willing to help you find and possibly modify your dress! Nice, precise and helpful.


Data nozze: 10/06/2018 
Mogliano Veneto, TV 

Cinzia was able to propose the dress that I then chose on the first date! Since I later got pregnant, the seamstresses were able to adjust the dress in anticipation of belly growth flawlessly! I am really satisfied !


Data nozze: 09/06/2018 
Ljubljana, SLO 

The Best salon in that part of Europe! Here you can find the most beautiful and unique wedding gowns in a company of the sweetest and very profesinal staff. Francesca & Cinzia rock !!!! Guys, you really made my big day and all the visits in your salon.


Data nozze: 12/08/2018 
Trieste, TS 

The absolute atelier par excellence. I bought my wedding dress from Qualcosa di Blu in Trieste and I absolutely have to say mine. They are the height of perfection, professionalism and elegance. They have a large assortment of wedding dresses. All in step with fashion. The girls are friendly, smiling and above all sincere. They absolutely know how to recommend the right dress, in case they find a bride who is quite undecided like I was. Super available. Believe me, the top par excellence.


Data nozze: 01/09/2018 
S.Stefano di Cadore, BL 

A wonderful dress made perfect by the magical hands of the seamstress. When it came time to choose the wedding dress, I had no doubts about the shop I was going to. For some time I had been scrolling through the photos of beautiful dresses published on the internet pages of Something di Blu and I had always heard about them very well, as well as noticing that all the girls I knew and who were getting married chose their dress right there. It must be said that the shop offers a wide choice of clothes, able to satisfy all tastes. After showing some photos to Francesca we have selected together some dresses to try (about 5-6 models). The dresses were really beautiful and in the end I chose the very first one I tried (a wide lace model from Nicole). Francesca is a really kind person, who makes you feel at ease and helped me a lot in choosing. Special thanks to the seamstress Elena who made sure that the dress fit me perfectly and who followed me with great attention and professionalism during all the tests (3 tests after the initial appointment), despite the sultry heat of this summer. I got so many compliments on my dress that it was just like I always dreamed of




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