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Pacchetti QdB:

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€ 1800


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The offer for the All Inclusive collections is designed for the cost-conscious bride who does not want to give up the quality of the dresses and the services offered by QdB.

By choosing the dresses from the ALL INCLUSIVE package you can take advantage of the all-inclusive service that includes the wedding dress, a discount voucher for a wedding accessory of your choice and our excellent tailoring service.


This savings package will allow you to realize your dream at a clear cost and without surprises .


You can choose between three types of packages:


€ 1200 package

It includes the chosen dress, the standard tailoring service and a voucher worth € 60 for the purchase of the accessory.


Package from € 1500

It includes the chosen dress, the standard tailoring service and a voucher worth € 80 for the purchase of the accessory.


Package from € 1800

It includes the chosen dress, the standard tailoring service and a voucher worth € 100 for the purchase of the accessory.



To try on the clothes from the ALL-INCLUSIVE collection, an appointment is required, available from Tuesday to Friday for free, on Saturdays a contribution is required, a maximum of three companions are allowed except for health restrictions   (only one companion is allowed during the Covid period).


The tailoring will be counted separately at the time of choosing the suit. Standard processing includes the size adjustment of the bodice and the length of the skirt bottom. Further requests and / or customizations (eg embroidery, shoulder pads, train reduction, etc.) will be budgeted and charged separately.


Our impeccable tailoring service includes about 3 meetings , the first will be agreed at the time of purchase.


• 1st Fitting - you will try on the chosen dress and together with the seamstress you will evaluate the changes to be made.

The first test will be contextual to the purchase or will take place in the immediately following days.


• 2nd Fitting - you will wear the dress basted with the required processes.

• 3rd Fitting - you will wear the finished suit ready for collection.


The days dedicated to tailoring are from Tuesday to Friday, Saturdays are excluded.


The tailoring appointment lasts 30min. to whom a maximum of 2 companions are allowed (unless COVID restrictions ) and maximum punctuality is required in compliance with subsequent appointments.



The accessory voucher is valid on all bridal accessories available in the Atelier, such as: veils, boleros, petticoats, hair accessories, shoes, etc.

NB: the voucher can only be used for accessories in the bridal department, it cannot be used on other items or services.



The choice of the All Inclusive package provides for the payment of the entire amount at the time of purchase or, alternatively, the possibility of INSTALLED PAYMENT at ZERO INTEREST is offered at the cost of installment collection only.

The first installment will be at the time of purchase for a minimum amount of 30% of the total, the subsequent installments will be agreed according to the customer's needs for a maximum of 6 monthly installments   (effective date : purchase date; deadline: within the following 6 months; deadline: delivery date).